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WES is an abbreviation of World Education Services, it is a non profit organization founded in 1974. WES provides credential evaluation on educational certificates of residents and immigrants to enhance the international education. WES, an international organization which gives accreditation to educational certificates of residents and immigrants of US (United States) and Canada, which will help them to fulfill their personal and professional needs. WES is an admirable organization and provides legal accreditation to all educational certificates, which will make the document legally authenticated in intended country of using. It provides fast and diligent services to talented persons who are going to relocate in the US or Canada. WES is a meadow of opportunities for skilled persons and it is a gateway to your needs. WES empower the global mobility through recognition of international education. WES accreditation helps the individuals to fully utilize their educational qualification to achieve their needs.

Some general purposes of WES accreditation

  • For migration purposes
  • For higher study purposes
  • For Permanent residence visa purposes
  • For Job/ employment purposes
  • For business purposes

US and Canada, both are highly developed and economically rich, it is a paradise of opportunity for skilled persons, but to reach that country’s the person should take WES accreditation to prove the trustworthiness of the document. To obtain a good certificate recognition from WES, the certificate holder should submit the required documents. WES issue educational certificate authentication to more one million people. WES is not necessary for minor persons. Which will make the international students and professionals to succeed by evaluating and advocating educational qualification. Once you got a WES evaluation your documents become applicable anywhere in the destination country. It is a bridge between you and your destination. WES fix wings to your dream and help to attain your personal and professional needs.

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Attestation Services in Qatar:

1. Educational Certificate Attestation.

2. Non-Educational Certificate Attestation.

3. Commercial Certificate Attestation.

This are the main types of certificate that are Attested in Qatar.

Apostille Services in Qatar:

1. Educational Certificate Apostille.

2. Non-Educational Certificate Apostille.

3. Commercial Certificate Apostille.

This are the main types of certificate on which Apostille is done.