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Degree Certificate Attestation Qatar

Educational certificate is also known as academic certificate, which is used to certify that a particular person has received a specified education or passed in an exam or series of exam. The legalization process of educational certificate is known as an educational certificate attestation. Educational certificate is issued by school, universities, educational institutions, etc.. to certify that the student complete successful education from their institution. Educational certificate is a record one person’s educational qualification. Educational certificate attestation makes your certificate authenticate and valid in the destination country. Attestation provides authenticity to your document. Attestation is issued by a mandatory authority which is situated in your home country. In most countries embassy is the responsible authority of issuing educational attestation. They provide attestation with their official seal or signature. There are different types of educational certificates and it used to prove your qualification.

Types of Degree certificates include…

Documents required for Degree Certificate Attestation in Qatar are:

  • Passport copy.
  • Original certificate.
  • Bonafide letter.
  • Final year mark sheet.
  • Consolidate mark sheet.

Degree certificate attestation has certain validity and it depends on the issuing country. Attested degree certificate is used applicable in many fields for many purposes, it is mainly used for job purposes and higher study purposes. To obtain a job in abroad, we have to submit an attested degree certificate to prove our educational qualification. Degree certificate is a result of your academic performance and it contains all information regarding your qualification like grades or marks obtained, course of study, name of the institution, etc.. An original degree certificate is required for attestation because the concerned authority wants to check the authenticity of the certificate before attestation. If a person wants to go abroad for higher study purpose, to obtain an admission in a foreign university, he/ she has to submit an attested graduate certificate in the destination country, which is attested by the embassy or consulate of the intended country situated in your home country.

Degree certificate attestation may take several legal procedures and the applicant should follow all steps seriously to avoid complications in future. Degree certificate attestation is also necessary for attending an exam or an interview in abroad. The soul function of attestation is to make your degree certificate valid and valuable in the destination country.